Through the eyes of teenager

Tonight I got a chance to spend some time with two of my old high school friends, one of which I see often now that he moved back to town and the other that I only see once in a while when he comes to visit his parents.

When you look at our lives now, they couldn’t be any more different from what they were back then, when we were all thick as thieves and just about to embark upon life’s long journey, scattering hither and fro.

Yet, for some strange reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, being together tonight offered me some additional moments of childhood, not in the form of memories but in the form of new experiences seen through the same eyes that I remembered seeing them through with these two guys, a very long time ago.

We all look old now, but the age becomes invisible when you’re with people who knew you when you were young.

The jokes, the innuendos, the completely relaxed atmoshpere absent any pretenses or hidden agendas. It was very nice.

I’m sad to say that our childrend are now the ages that we were, when we were together all the time.

I can only hope that my son has a bunch of friends today that he will still get to see when he’s almost 50.

It feels like putting on a favorite old pair of jeans that by some miracle, fit just like they did when you were 17.

It strikes me as curious, how when we do look back at the people in our lives that we went out of our way to stay in touch with, it’s the people who know the “real you” that you want to stay in touch with the most….The ones that you can still be yourself in front of without any explainations required.

Not that you could ever explain it anyway.

So, this evening, when my old friend said with a smile to me that, “you’re still the same as you were back then”, I was happy to hear it.

He may or may not have meant it in a good way, but either way, it sounded nice.

I have actually been woried lately that I changed as I grew older.

Apparently not.

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