The “Town Way”

Karen North Wells Painting

When I was a young child in 1974, there was a road to the water near our summer home in Cotuit that would lead to a landing where we kept our Skiff. 

I can recall bringing the skiff down on a trailer behind our enormous station wagon. 

As the years passed, the path grew narrower and the nearby residents did what they could to disguise the path as anything but a way to the sea. 

I was incredibly excited to hear that the town is going to great lengths to reopen these public access sites so that anyone can get to the beach and enjoy it. 

With Massachusetts’ bizarre rules governing access to the beaches that abut private property, what little access the public has to the water should be safeguarded at all cost. 

As I was growing older, the narrowing paths didn’t really bother me. However, now that I am grown, I want as wide a path as possible.

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