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Ruth H. Burrell

December 1, 2007

Ruth H. (Blurton) of Hanover, formerly of Cotuit, East Weymouth and Hingham, November 17th, age 94. Wife of the late Malcolm B. Burrell. Mother of Bruce W. Burrell and his wife Connie of Burlington, MA, Janet M. Warren and her husband Paul of South Weymouth, Helen E. Skowronski and her husband John Of Little Egg Harbor, NJ and Marinda P. Bennett and her husband Gerry of Hanover. Sister of Anna Desroches of Weymouth and Arthur Duxbury of Pittsfield. Also survived by 14 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren, eight great great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews in the U.S. and British Columbia, Canada. A Memorial Service will be conducted on Saturday, November 24th at 11:00 A.M. at the South Shore Baptist Church, 578 Main Street (Rt. 228) Hingham. Visiting hours and flowers omitted by request. In lieu of flowers, donations in her memory may be made to the Forestdale Baptist Church, 110 Route 130, Forestdale, MA 02644. The interment is private. For additional information, please visit

I returned home from my Paris trip only to find out that my Grandmother, Ruth Burrell, died on November 17th at the age of 94.

She had been married to my Grandfather for 50 years when he passed away only a few weeks after their anniversary from bone cancer.

She died the day before his 100th birthday. I was told that she was anxious to be with him on his birthday and she told the hospital Chaplain that she loved Jesus with all her heart shortly before she passed.

She had a mild heart attack on the 16th, was taken to the hospital on the 17th and died from another heart attack less than 24 hours later while comfortably on morphine. Up until then, she had been very active and very astute.

I had Thanksgiving in New Jersey but left the next morning for the memorial service at South Shore Baptist Church in Hingham Massachusetts.

Although I was raised a Catholic, my mother’s family were and are very devout protestants and as a child I would go to services at South Shore and at Forestdale Baptist Church on The Cape many times and always enjoyed it.

I was asked if I would speak at her funeral and of course I did.

This is what I said before a Church full of friends of family:

It is wonderful to see all of you today.

Once again, Nana brings us together.

Although I may have not seen many of you for a long time, I think that I know a little bit about what many of you have all been up to thanks to Nana…. Nana loved to talk about her family and she always did so with love and with pride.

I have been very fortunate to see Nana pretty regularly over the years and although she aged, she never seemed to get old.

She just seemed to get a little more gentile, a little bit slower, a little harder of hearing, but by the end, she had somehow transformed herself into exactly what I remembered Mum Mum, her mother, to be like…eternal.

Some of my fondest memories of her are these:

1. She was one heck of a scrabble and cribbage player; And I always appreciated how she was patient when she had to re-teach me cribbage for the 100th time.

2. She was an insatiable reader; And I always thought it was cute how she loved romance novels and I can remember when she and my other grandmother would swap copies and compare notes…..and blush.

3. She WAS our family historian; And I loved how every time that I was with her, I would learn something new. I feel a strong connection with my past, thanks to Nana and all of the stories that she would tell.

4. She was a source of wisdom and experience; AND she was not afraid to share her wisdom and experience either, even when you didn’t want to hear it.

5. She taught me about God; Her devotion and faith were inspirational and when I was young, going to church with my grandparents here at South Shore and at Forestdale Baptist Church will always be a fond memory of mine.

6. She was a true Lady; Need I say more.

For quite a long time I have bragged about my grandmother to the people that I know but I think that I have every right to.

After all…

1. She lived to see countless grandchildren and great grandchildren; What a blessing that is.

2. Everybody loved her; How could you not.

In closing, my prayer for everyone here today is that we all live as wonderful and as full a life as she did.

I am going to miss her tremendously, but I have such an overwhelming feeling to celebrate her life, that all that I can say is…..thank you Nana.  

Nana I love you.