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To Sleep, Per Chance To Dream!

March 26, 2007


Having just returned from a 5 day excursion to Stuart Florida, my longing for a boat that can accommodate my wanderlust was rekindled once again and just in time for summer.

The sheer number of large boats in Florida makes me wonder if I too will go the way of the Snowbird and someday spend my winters polishing chrome and worrying about pelicans sunning themselves onboard.

If my five year plan works out, there should be a nice little trawler with my name on it waiting for endless adventures on the high seas.

I was disappointed to find out from a friend that lives in Florida that traveling the inter-coastal is brutally slow with endless bridges and no-wake zones. As such, much of the trip North and South from New Jersey to Florida would be spent outside of protected waters and quelling the concerns of my someday shipmates might take a little more persuasion and Dramamine than I have anticipated.

For now my son’s modest Whaler will have to suffice and in five years my son should be just the right age to help me with a trawler.

For now we have decided to name his Whaler “The Bad Puppy” in anticipation of naming our larger vessel “The Mutt II”, a tribute to my first Optimist Pram aptly named “The Mutt”, but not by me.

Trawler Dreams

January 3, 2007

If I could save up enough dough I would buy a really nice trawler. I should say that I want a nice sailboat, being a lifelong sailor and all, but I realize that the convenience of a trawler will end up to be the better bet in the long run.

My favorite boat so far is the Krogen 58, which would be perfect for sojourns up and down the East Coast.

Krogen 58

Since a boat like this is big enough, we can use my son’s 13 foot Boston Whaler as our tender and our liesure life will be complete.


13 Foot Whaler


I imagine that we’ll spend our time traveling between Newfoundland and Florida with our friends meeting us along the way.

We  would hopefully spend much of the summer moored in Cotuit at Dead Neck (aka Sampson’s Island).




We would come in periodically to get provisions at the COOP.  (See how cold Cotuit looks during the winter!)



For the winter we would head down to Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys and stop along the way in Hilton Head and places like that. I would write for a living and hopefully make enough money to buy gas, food and beer.

I better start saving more pennies!