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Lora’s Restaurant Review “4 Stars”

October 2, 2009
Picture Taken from Westfield Blog (Click to see their entry)

Picture Taken from Westfield Blog (Click to see their entry)

I have often thought about starting to do my own restaurant reviews on this blog but then I think it might get me in trouble if I talk about something or someplace that I don’t really like.

Then I realized that I already skate on thin ice from time to time so why stop now…

After lunch today I was compelled to talk about a great little place that I have discovered in Cranford in what is called Centennial Village. As such, I’ll make this my first official restaurant review.

It is called Lora’s and it is located at 215 Centennial Avenue in Cranford (908) 931-9600.

See the menu

This is the third time that I have been there, twice for breakfast and now once for lunch. I ordered chicken soup for $3 and a chicken kebab for $6.99, which came with a small garden salad. Including my soda I was out of there for just over $11. (A little more than I like to spend nowadays but its Friday and I didn’t have breakfast this morning).

In no uncertain terms, it was delicious. The soup was obviously home made and was served with a nice piece of bread. The salad was fresh with lots of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers along with a very tasty ranch dressing. The chicken kebab with rice was a nice portion and also very tasty.

The two times that I had breakfast there the price was right and the food was also very good. A bagel with cream cheese is only $1.50 and an egg sandwich only $1.85. Those prices are hard to beat.

The owners are both very nice and attentive to everyone’s needs. The décor is very European with a very quaint feel. It is very clean and the coffee is good, not great. (Lacas is still my favorite no matter where I go) Parking on the street requires that you pay at the meter but there is free parking in the back. Since Centennial Village never seems that crowded, it’s very easy to do take out. (Much easier than some other places I know where the parking is abysmal and the meter maids wait in dark alleys to pounce on unsuspecting patrons)

Overall, in my newly created lunch and breakfast category, I’m going to start this one off with 4 out of 5 stars. (Their rating may go up to 4 1/2 as I have many more places to compare them against and since I want the coveted 5 star rating to be almost impossible to achieve, I didn’t want to start too high)

Tune in again soon as I am going to try to rate at least one place per week in the Westfield, Clark and Cranford area. I may go further out for some really unique places.

Since I must have a catchy saying when I say goodbye, I’m going to choose to say it in the language that I am trying to learn; French.

So here it goes…

“Mangez, dormez et mangez certains plus”…which translates into “Eat, Sleep and Eat Some More”… Do you like it?

I have also decided that I am going to do some architectural reviews and take pictures and comment on houses and buildings that I really like and some that I really can’t stand…I’ve already got a long list!