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Bandwidth crisis!?!

January 19, 2009

According to CNN, there is a high liklihood of a major bandwidth logjam during the inauguration…maybe the bandwidth companies will finally get noticed!

The cellular phone systems around the National Mall will be overloaded if the expected record crowds show up, according to a spokesman for CTIA — The Wireless Association, a nonprofit organization that represents wireless carriers.

Since Barack’s own website calls for getting Broadband to every community in America, when those communities can’t witness the inauguration this week because of the logjam, perhaps it will help the cause.

Hands off!

January 9, 2009

I’m not speculating that the United States’ and the world’s economic crises aren’t going to get noticeably worse.

However, I do think that the last skeleton has come out of the closet and that our economic tide is turning.

When the adult entertainment industry calls for a Federal Bailout, we now know that the weakest dogs are trying to feed.

First the real estate market then the banks, then the car companies and so on down the line. More and more industries are sticking their hands out.

Now the adult entertainment industry is asking?

I would think that this particular industry would be recession proof. Unemployed people have a lot more time on their hands.

It’s really rather ridiculous, which is why I am starting to feel as though the worst is behind us.

What could possibly be next?

Bail out the cigarette and liquor companies?

How I have single handedly helped stop the increase in oil prices…

May 28, 2008

As I have said before, I have an uncanny knack for losing money in the stock market.

Yet, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I keep on investing and hoping for some good luck since I certainly don’t have any wisdom in the area of equities.

As the price of oil kept going higher and higher I figured it was time to invest in an oil company.

My rationale was twofold.

First, if oil keeps going up, I’ll consider myself a genius and the money that I make will help keep filling up my SUV and myriad of other gas guzzling toys and make the whole crisis less painful.

Second, if oil goes down, I’ll probably save more in gas than I would lose on my investment.

Hence, I took the plunge and bought some British Petroleum and lo and behold the price of oil started to slide the very next day.

At least it pays a decent dividend.

You’re welcome.

TV on Cellphone = Bandwidth

May 2, 2008

That little investment I talk about could get another boost real soon.

It’s been holding up well since last weeks earnings report but I won’t jinx myself!

(This is not me on the video)

Simply Comcastic!

April 3, 2008

Word is Level 3 is involved in this….

NEW YORK, April 2 (Reuters) – Comcast Corp, the largest U.S. cable television operator, said on Wednesday it has started offering a super-fast Internet service that allows customers to download a high-definition movie in 10 minutes.

The Routers Show The Way!

April 1, 2008

NEW YORK, April 1 (Reuters) – Network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc said on Tuesday that sales of its high-end routers had accelerated in the past several months, helping to ease worries about slower technology spending.

Cisco executives attributed the accelerated sales to exponential growth of Internet traffic, due largely to the popularity of online video services that require faster networks.

“Things like Youtube, Facebook, MySpace — these things are really ramping video traffic in ways that I don’t think we could have predicted when we developed the router,” said Cisco spokesman Wilson Craig.

Cisco expects Internet video traffic three years from now to be 20 times what it was in 2006, driving sales of routers and other network equipment.

If Level 3 can manage its debt, the future should be great!

A Different Kind of Tata!

March 7, 2008

When you buy a stock like Level 3, its like watching paint dry…

Plus, considering how thick the paint was when they were painting this baby back in the 1990’s, it has seemed like it was never going to dry.

Don’t blink now!

I say this because of this announcement:

Indian telecommunications provider Tata Communications announced it’s planning the world’s largest commercial WiMax rollout for 15 Indian cities, according to BusinessWeek. “The wireless technology allowed the company to deliver broadband services in a cost-effective, decentralized manner in India where a majority of the country is not covered by wired infrastructure,” said Shankar Prasad, president of Tata Communications’ retail division.

Just think of all those nice Indian people surfing the net at high speed.

Bandwidth crisis here we come!

And Level 3 has IBM on its side!

(Footnote: Level 3’s network does not cover India)

“Preying” for a Bandwidth Crisis….

February 22, 2008

I admit it, I am a notoriously rotten investor.

When I’m buying, you should be selling and I when I sell, you should back up the truck.

As such, I like money markets, CD’s and the crevasses in the seat of my car, which hold amazing amounts of untold treasure.

However, once in a while I get on board with an idea and I run with it and as usual, I’m down huge.

What’s my investment? Level 3 Communications…(I won’t even tell you how much I’m down!)

I have been banking on a predicted bandwidth shortage that should be hitting the internet anyday now but not soon enough as far as I’m concerned!

I go to bed at night hoping that every teenager in America will get an iPhone and start downloading YouTube videos.

Needless to say I’ve been losing a lot of sleep lately.

However, reinvigorating my endless hope for a turnaround, a report was released by the Telecom Industry Association today that, even though it had an overall negative tone concerning the Telecom Industry, the second to last paragraph of the report offered me a glimmer of hope and I’m holding on!

With Web traffic for services such as Internet video soaring, the study found that in wired networks “current capacity will soon be unable to support bandwidth demand.”

Let’s hope it happens before I lose the entire investment!