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“3 Bays” Needs Our Help!

March 6, 2008


I just renewed my 3 Bays membership!

After reading posts on David Churbuck’s Blog about Cotuit and the situation with the docks in town, I decided it was time to re-up my contribution and try and help keep the most beautiful place on earth just as beautiful as it has always been.

Maybe even better, since I never realized what was actually going on down there at the bottom of the bay when I was a kid.

As much as I hated the eel grass back then, I now wish that it was all back.

If anyone knows of any other organizations that are fighting to keep Cape Cod and Cotuit as pristine as possible, please share.

Thoughts of Cotuit

January 23, 2007

There is a small town on the bay,

That I can not call home for today.

A lifetime of memories she gave,

All carried away like a wave.

Back in her arms I will pray,

Just how and when I can’t say.

The way is familiar,

The road is clear,

But for reasons untold,

This isn’t the year.

If life’s harsh realities must keep me away,

My heart will endure and find a new way,

Back to her sandy shores,

In dreams,

In memories,

In the end.

Help Save Cotuit Bay!

January 17, 2007

3 Bays Logo

Perhaps the most important place on earth to me, Cotuit Bay, is experiencing an environmental crisis that needs our help. I have become a supporter of Three Bays Preservation that is working on helping Cotuit Bay, North Bay and West Bay stay as wonderful as ever. 

Many of my fondest memories are of being on these three bodies of water and the lands that surround them.  I hope that you will consider donating to them as well. 

Please donate at:

This link will take you to a video that is available on their website so that you can see what a wonderful place it is: