East Bound and Down!

Like Smokey and The Bandit Kerry and I joined a convoy last weekend and although we weren’t hauling contraband Coors Beer, what we were hauling made us feel just as giddy!

We were hauling puppies!

We have recently joined up with a group that moves dogs around the country from kill-shelters to non-kill shelters and to foster homes. I never even knew that this was going on until speaking with a White Shepherd Rescue that has now approved us to be a foster home.

Kerry and I were both nervous at first not knowing what to expect but everything turned out great. We picked up our load (each dog referred to by weight) at a parking lot in Center Valley where we got them from a convoy of other vehicles who had arrived only minutes earlier from some spot further South.

We had a “40 pounder” and two “20 pounders”. One of the 20 pounders named Roger really caught Kerry’s eye but we were told it was bad transport etiquette to ask to keep one of your transport dogs. We still thought about it though…

At the stop in Pennsylvania we chatted about the dogs with the other drivers, loaded the dogs in our truck that was filled with cages and followed another car with 5 dogs in it North and East.

Not knowing that we needed slip leashes one of the members of the earlier transport team was nice enough to give Kerry and me a dozen new leashes still in their package wishing us good luck as the newest members of the group. We could tell this was a friendly bunch!

Our drive was only an hour or so North and East to Lafayette New Jersey to a very humble shelter named Father John’s Animal House. Everyone was thrilled when we arrived including the dogs and we felt great that our little friends were safe from the kill shelter that they left hopefully far behind.

It has invigorated Kerry and me to do more of this and we have already agreed to make another run next weekend from Basking Ridge New Jersey up to Bloomingdale New Jersey. Just a 30-minute ride for us but what will hopefully turn into a lifetime for a few little dogs in search of a home.

Helping dogs is becoming a true avocation and the feeling that it gives in return is well worth the effort. If anyone would like to get involved, please email me and I’ll let you know when the next run is.

2 Responses to “East Bound and Down!”

  1. Suzanne Shaps Says:

    John: I’d like to get involved. Is your group active in northeast OH? Also, I currently have a 1996 Honda Civic. Is that big enough to be useful? Suzanne

  2. Shelly Oakley-Mari Says:

    Congrats of the success of your first trip. It is a wonderful feeling to help our furry friends that cannot help themselves.
    I tried to e-mail Kerry but the e-mail returned for some reason.
    Keri and I have a mutual friend, Robyn. I was an active voluteer with People For Animals for years until I started having severe back issues.
    I still would like to help by fostering the dog and kid friendly pooches that need a foster. I also know of another animal rescue Help Save One Inc
    that are in over there heads, not sure how we can help them in RI.
    But let me know what I can do!

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