Brendan’s Meadows Update

We’re holding our first official fund raisers to collect enough money to hire a lawyer and an accountant to set up our 501(c)3.

To do this we will be doing two things to raise money; selling shirts and dog treats.

Brendan's Meadows Shirt

Brendan's Meadows Shirt

Our shirts are for sale for $40 a piece and can be ordered on the Brendan’s Meadows website. Notice the incredibly cute mascot!

Our dog treats will be debuted at our upcoming wine and cheese party this October where we hope to celebrate the creation of our non-profit status. (Donations will officially be accepted at that point)

Our classically trained chef, ChefJimbo, will be preparing the treats which will be given out to each attendee as well as to whatever local pet stores we can rally to support us. Chef Jimbo not only cooks with a stove but does equally well with a guitar and keyboard…There might even be an official Brendan’s Meadows Theme Song for the affair as well???

Now that summer is over, its time to get this thing up and running!

Stay tuned for more…

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