March Update

The hectic pace of each day is leaving me very little room to write. With what little time I have each week I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with Alex and Kerry and on the house.

Alex is doing well in school but seems to be constantly fighting a cold which is driving his mother insane! I can’t blame her, but obsessing over every sniffle is sure to drive you mad and my concern is that they’ll run out of different antibiotics to give him by the time he’s a teenager. I give her a hard time about always running him to a doctor but as she likes to remind me, I could have a far-worse ex-wife than she, who lets their kids go relatively ignored.

I can’t argue that point.

Kerry and I have some grand plans to work on the back yard this spring including leveling out the area behind the deck to accommodate a patio and a tent for this year’s family barbeque. It would be nice to have something spectacular to focus on this summer during the barbeque in hopes of not focusing on the absence of Kerry’s father who was always the epicenter of each year’s event.

It is not going to be fun.

We are also hoping to build a screened in porch on half of the deck but that may be a year down the line.

Kerry and I did manage a long weekend at Disney a few weeks back which seemed to cheer her up a bit but Disney was crazy and anything but a bargain. In the end, she was somewhat under-whelmed.

It was nice to have some warm temperatures to make us feel human again and at least she and I got to spend 72 hours together.

The next big event is going to be Germany where my life long friend Christian will be tying the knot. I had breakfast with him this morning down in Washington DC and he seems rather calm given his pending nuptials and the impending deadline of his PhD Thesis.

I’ve been focusing on Brendan’s Meadows with Kerry and she has begun her Business Plan. We are trying to start off on the right foot with the Meadows and walk before we run. As it turns out we may have our first rescue dog come stay with us when a terminally ill friend leaves us her out-of-control herding-dog mix. I guess it’s better than a really sick dog, which is going to be harder for me than aggressive dogs or crazy dogs.

Freedom Hall is still on hold as my thoughts of Cotuit grow less and less nostalgic with time slowly healing the wound of my parents selling their house.

As I sit on the Amtrak heading back home, my mind is flooding with things that I would like to write about.

However, the cell phone is vibrating and its time to get back to work.

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