Opera? Surely you jest!

I saw my first opera last night and as it sinks in I think that it was a great experience.

I had told my parents a long time ago that I would love to go see Rigoletto.

My parents, being avid Operagoers, offered us tickets from their series and I quickly jumped at the chance.

Since every woman loves the movie Pretty Woman, including Kerry, she wanted to go too.

Rigoletto is the one opera that I had familiarized myself with years ago, in hopes of getting to see one.  I don’t quite recall why I became interested in the Opera but I think it has something to do with my Edith Wharton / Henry James phase and all of the opera scenes and references that were made throughout their writings.

However, even I liked the scene in Pretty Woman where Vivian experience Verdi’s La Traviata.

I now understand the inference of that play in that movie since “La Traviata” literally translates into “The Woman Who Strayed” which seems appropriate given Vivian’s career choice.

Apparently, Operas often deal with issues of lustful behavior and its consequences all of the time. I am only just learning this and perhaps I’ll find out that this is an untold secret about Opera patrons that I never knew.

But I now realize that when the courtiers abducted Rigoletto’s daughter Gilda, they didn’t exactly take her to their castle to play checkers…

No wonder Rigoletto was so pissed.

Mom and Dad left that one out.

If given the chance to go, Kerry and I would definitely do it again but I don’t think we’ll be asking each other for series tickets next Christmas.

Next we’re going to hit Broadway.


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