October Update

It seems as though ever since I discovered Facebook that I have been writing much less on this Blog.

That’s one excuse out of many that I can think of anyway…that and because work has been busy again.

That trip to Rome that became that trip to California has now become a trip to Maine to visit my sister Susan. With the economy being so bad, we decided to be as frugal as possible. We will be staying north of Boston in Wakefield, Portsmouth New Hampshire, Auburn Maine and then Leominster Massachusetts on the way South.

It may not sound that exciting but since I find myself a few stays behind on my Starwood status, the stops are strategic to say the least. 

Because I am in a “Double Stay Promotion Period” right now, I’ll get six stays and be only one stay short of Platinum. I have a few stays booked already so Platinum should be easily attainable.

In my opinion Starwood is a tough chain to love. Sure they have some of the nicest vacation spots in the world but when you need to go visit Catepillar in Peoria Illinois, good luck finding a Starwood. I find myself driving many extra miles to stay there and even take the train from Chicago when I’m out there to the Four Points near Midway, even though I fly in and out of O’Hare.

Call me a point whore!

I’m not into all of their properties and I much prefer Westins, Sheratons and Four Points to the trendier W, Loft and whatever other hipster hangouts they have been creating. Of course St. Regis and the Luxury Collection are where it’s at but they are rarely where my wallet is at.

As such, the chance to stay at these properties for not much more than $100 per night feels like I’m taking advantage of the system but just like in taxation, rules are to be optimized at every turn.

Since the Trip to Rome didn’t take place, I’ll have lots of points for when it does and still have Platinum status to boot.

With the dollar strengthening, my point balance burgeoning, and the economy hopefully on the mend, I think we’ll do Europe in the Spring for once and not during the “low season”. 

I think we’ll have to squeeze in a few days in Paris though, no matter what, to get me some more of that je ne sais quoi!

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