Who needs jet fuel?

2004 Special Olympics Plane Pull
2004 Special Olympics Plane Pull

In September of 2004 I participated in The Plane Pull for Special Olympics and my team came in third for the low body weight competition. Matt Higgins and I pulled together at first and got the 737 rolling but when the front wheel of the plane hit a small manhole cover in the tarmac, the plane stopped dead in its tracks.

We were then joined by Eileen Bretz, Chris Battiloro and John Cuzzo who helped us get it rolling again and over the finishline within the two minute requirement. Weiging in at 1,155 lbs we came in third place.

Back then I was an easy 275 lbs and was lifting heavy in the gym on a regular basis.

I tried again in 2005 without any success as I was harboring a knee injury and simply could not pull. Coupled with a bad choice in footwear, I was worthless.

I did not pull in 2006 or 2007 for reasons that I can not recall. However, this year I feel as though I am ready to pull and even though my weight is down to 255 lbs, my lifts in the gym are easily as strong as they were back then.

Unfortunately, they are calling for rain, which should make things interesting. I raised $250 for the team and the team raised over $4K….all for a great cause.

Hopefully I’ll post some pictures tomorrow and have a trophy to show off.

Wish me luck!

One Response to “Who needs jet fuel?”

  1. bronislaw Says:

    No luck! Pulled on wet pavement and we think that we came in 5th for the team pull and 5th for the low weight. The rain stunk!

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