September Update

I’m back in the air with five hours to kill coming home from Los Angeles thinking about what to write.

The things that are forefront in my mind are how I am going to find the next big fish to slay with my tax minimization harpoon as well as what fun things I hope to do with Alex and Kerry this fall.

Weekends with Alex will certainly have a singular tone; namely Football. Having been asked to be the team photographer, I need to practice at keeping my lens on the ball as it is snapped, faked, handed off or passed. Not an easy task.

Last season all I really cared about was getting shots of Alex wrestling with his defensive counterparts and catching a few candid shots of him doing something on the sideline.

Kerry and I are planning on going to Rome this fall having been talked out of Brussels by my father who feels as though there is a higherarchy to life’s travel destinations and according to him, Rome is far higher on the list than a city who’s symbol is a urinating child.

I have nothing against Rome, but to me Brussels was going to be a chance to do the Netherlands, a bit of Germany and perhaps a few days again in Paris which I loved almost as much as London.

Kerry and I will also make our annual pilgrimage to Florida using the airfare from last year when she became violently ill while boarding the plane and we had to do a last minute cancellation and get home as fast as possible. We have done the Southeastern coast of Florida from the Keys up to Stuart at least once a winter and one year we went three times. Getting away with nothing to do but be thankful that we are out of the cold is very nice.

Being early September right now and still very hot, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll be anxious to head south anytime soon. Yet, when the first leaves hit the ground and the furnace turns on, I’m sure the reservations will be made shortly thereafter.

My goals for Alex and myself are to get into New York City for a play or a museum. Although we did make it to The Museum of Natural History this past spring, he has not gotten to go into the City nearly enough, given our close proximity. I owe it to my father for giving me a great knowledge of New York and a comfort level that my ex never shared and that she is leery of him developing.

A trip to Disney might be in the works since Alex’s cousin seems to go two or three times a year and Alex’s mother is beginning to feel a bit of competition developing between her son and her nephew. If I can use that to my advantage to get him to go, I’m all for going along for the trip, even though I stay outside the Park while they all stay inside. Yes, we travel together on vacations but it’s all for him. Thankfully Kerry is the most understanding and accepting woman that I have ever met when it comes to dealing with my son and my ex.

Other things that I am looking forward to as the summer wanes is to keep working on the ol’ house since moving won’t be an option for a few more years. Now is the time to get it ready so as the five year plan unfolds and as the market turns around we will be ready to strike and move out west a dozen miles or so to get a bigger piece of property.

We certainly won’t be moving until Alex is on the verge of driving. Being close to him is mission critical.

We have been very fortunate to have had Kerry’s cousin Eric doing odd jobs around the house while I’ve had a little extra money and he has had a little extra time. I’m hoping to keep him working on some more projects like building a shed and finishing the other half of our basement. Until the furnace is ready to be replaced I have been reticent to redo the other half knowing that the new unit will probably be the size of a shoebox compared to the clunker that just won’t die.

Eric is Kerry’s uber-talented cousin who at 42 is still trying to get his musical career off the ground. I built him a website at but I’m waiting for him to get me some content so I can flesh it out. Those musicians!

The good news is that for as long as he does not make it big, which he undoubtedly will, he’s often available between his higher paying construction jobs to work for us for a modest wage along with room and board. The late night musical jam sessions on our deck singing Neil Young, Jackson Brown, The Grateful Dead along with many others will always be fond memories for me. When he is rich and famous, I hope he still wants to come over and play.

This is enough for now. As I mentioned in my recent post, I have been hard pressed to write anything lately. I’m forcing myself to write this drivel in hopes that I might think of something more fascinating to write about that actually gets the counter on the blog-roll to spin a few more times again.

3 Responses to “September Update”

  1. Whitney Says:


    Does your friend Eric have a brother named Terry?

  2. Whitney Says:

    Hello John,

    Thanx for the response and offer to reach Terry. Actually, I met Terry through work a month or so ago. He’s so great to work with and says really nice things about how happy he is in his marriage that I couldn’t resist (though a tad unprofessional) asking him if he had a single brother. Terry told me how to look up Eric, but I must not have been searching correctly because I couldn’t find Eric until today. So, this whole long story is because I’m forty-four, divorced, no kids, and if the right guy came along – available. Terry can vouch for any other physical attributes that may or not be important – we’ve met in person at work. Terry also has my cell number. Off to work now – no more e-mail until tomorrow.

    Thanx a million,


    P.S. Does “donotreply” truly mean do not reply? I’m not familiar with blogging. Sorry. I did send the above e-mail (yesterday) as a reply. Be patient – I’ll catch on.

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