Football Season Is Here!

Football season is back and amazingly I can actually say that I am thrilled about it.

I’m even in a football pool this year.

As a child I played football for one year and I was dreadful at it and hated ever since. I won’t elaborate about how and why I was such a rotten player, but I was.

My son however seems to like it and is quite good at it. He memorizes his plays with ease, he seems to be well like and respected by his coaches and teammates and he genuinely looks forward to playing.

He doesn’t like this thing they do at practice called the “Dirty Dozen” where the coaches run them into the ground, but he manages to get through it and since his position is not one requiring great speed, the coaches go easy on him.

He plays Offensive Tackle on the 5th grade team and seems to be built for the job. Although he turned 10 only a few weeks ago he is 5’ 4” and weighs in at 155lbs+.

Chubby yes; Fat no; Just all around big!

There isn’t a kid on his team that comes close to his stature and on the opposing teams there are only the infrequent few.

The way he’s growing, I’m sure that he has a way to go.

I pray he doesn’t have some bizarre condition that turns him into an 8 foot freak but I would love to see him keep growing to 6’ 5” or more. (I’m only 5’ 11” but my dad is 6’4” and his other grandfather is 6’ 2”)

The hardest thing is to listen to the disappointment in his voice when he talks about the rules over who can carry the ball.

With some of his teammates barely 65lbs, I totally understand why.

Alas I tell him what a friend of mine who played, of all things, Offensive Tackle for the Florida Gators says, “It’s every lineman’s dream to carry the ball!”

And with that I try to explain to him that even though the fans may not cheer for him the way that they do for others, those same teammates will in turn hold him in the highest regard.

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