Cruisin’ in Newport Coast

I’m back in Los Angeles for a week of sales calls and meetings but decided to come out a day early to save some money on airfare and visit a close friend who has a place down in Newport Coast just south of Newport Beach.

Getting up early this morning I picked up my rental car and cruised down the 405 wishing that it was always this empty when I actually needed it to be and not the usual bumper to bumper traffic that it always seems to have every other time I’m on it.

Making Newport Coast in just over an hour, I showed up at my buddy’s place and we decided to grab brunch at Pacific Coast Whey with his 5 year old daughter.

I have to say that the people out here know how to eat as well as they live. My omelet was delicious and served with freshly baked multigrain toast and a large serving of freshly cut fruit with a sprig of parsley on top for presentation. My diner at home, as much as I love their food, simply doesn’t have the same presentation or attention to detail and I’m certain that there are a few extra ounces of grease in my New Jersey rendition.

Needless to say being there was like hanging out on a high fashion runway and I’m the schlep that sticks out like a soar thumb as if I had an I Love NJ bumper sticker pinned on my ass.

Living in what I would consider an affluent part of New Jersey, I am still utterly amazed at the amount of wealth and good looks that are on display in this part of California. I’ve written about Hollywood and Los Angeles before but this is a completely different paradigm.

It’s simply not enough to have a nice car out here. A Porsche 911 simply isn’t enough. The car has to be some exotic model with ultra exotic extras like racing seats or custom wheels and its not just one but I must have counted over 100 Porsches within the few hours that I was down there; Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari you name it!

As much as I like it, I much prefer the East Coast. I would honestly need a hair transplant, a tummy tuck, some Human Growth Hormone and veneers on my teeth to even start to fit in, not to mention a major infusion of cash into my bank account.

If the rest of the country is feeling a recession coming on, it’s not happening here.

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