Hangin’ in Chi-Town

I have luckily escaped the heat back in New Jersey having to be in Chicago this week.

Chicago is one of my favorite cities as it is a real city like New York and Boston. By “real” I mean that people live and work in town and that the towns offer a wide variety of things to do and see all within short distances of each other.

My company’s office is on Whacker on the river in a very nice part of town.

I have gotten to know the subway system quite well as I take the Blue Line Train from O’Hare pretty much to my office and then I take the Orange Line Train out to Midway airport where I can get a Sheraton Four Points for only $129 a night.

Chicago, like New York and Boston, has ridiculous hotel rates downtown and being a devoted Starwood patron and hating to spend more than $200 a night regardless of who is paying, I schlep out to Midway to get my points and save some dough.

Ironically, paying $129 a night at a Four Points gets me a nice room, cheap drinks at the bar, free wireless wi-fi, breakfast in my room for less than $10 and a 24 hour diner attached to the hotel that can serve up a midnight snack of just about anything I might want.

Downtown I would not get half as much for twice the price.

Tonight I think I will linger in town a little and enjoy some of the nightlife up on Rush Street. The Orange Line runs back to Midway 24 hours a day and since it’s the last stop on the line, I don’t have to worry about missing my stop.

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