How I have single handedly helped stop the increase in oil prices…

As I have said before, I have an uncanny knack for losing money in the stock market.

Yet, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I keep on investing and hoping for some good luck since I certainly don’t have any wisdom in the area of equities.

As the price of oil kept going higher and higher I figured it was time to invest in an oil company.

My rationale was twofold.

First, if oil keeps going up, I’ll consider myself a genius and the money that I make will help keep filling up my SUV and myriad of other gas guzzling toys and make the whole crisis less painful.

Second, if oil goes down, I’ll probably save more in gas than I would lose on my investment.

Hence, I took the plunge and bought some British Petroleum and lo and behold the price of oil started to slide the very next day.

At least it pays a decent dividend.

You’re welcome.

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