The New Way to Explore

Kerry and I have discovered a new way to have fun thanks to the wonderful technology found in our Garmin Nuvi.

We decided that for my Birthday weekend we would set out on a trip no more than 50 miles away (Gas is too expensive for any long drives nowadays) and we would use the GPS to make it into an adventure.

We decided that we would first pick a direction by flipping a coin twice; two heads we go south, two tails we go north and one of each we go west.

Standing in our living room, the toss was split so we were bound to go west.

We plugged in Easton Pennsylvania thinking that it would be a good destination but we set the GPS’s navigation criteria for shortest distance, least use of highways and to avoid toll roads.

The resulting journey was incredibly fun, albeit circuitous at times and it took us to places both familiar and new.

It first took us northwest through Summit, Chatham and into Morristown.  It then took us southwest to New Vernon and then west past Jockey Hollow. We connected with Route 124 in Mendham and proceeded westerly from there until we hit Route 57 taking us through Washington Township and then into Phillipsburg and across the Delaware into Easton.

We used the GPS to then find a decent hotel and we ended up spending the night at a Holiday Inn Express that was walking distance to a few good restaurants.

Being an old man of 41 now, I was more interested in a nice meal and an early bedtime than partying the night away so we ate and went back to our room to relax.

In the morning I fired up the GPS to find a church and the small Catholic Church that I found in downtown Easton was delightful.

We then decided to meander home by a more southerly route and once again the GPS showed us places in New Jersey that I never knew existed. Some where quaint and charming, some were rather depressing.

Nevertheless, this new found activity will certainly be one of Kerry’s and my favorite things to do and we are already planning another trip in the coming weeks.

One Response to “The New Way to Explore”

  1. Lee Anne Says:

    This sounds like The Road Not Taken!!! You and Robert Frost?

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