A Different Kind of Tata!

When you buy a stock like Level 3, its like watching paint dry…

Plus, considering how thick the paint was when they were painting this baby back in the 1990’s, it has seemed like it was never going to dry.

Don’t blink now!

I say this because of this announcement:

Indian telecommunications provider Tata Communications announced it’s planning the world’s largest commercial WiMax rollout for 15 Indian cities, according to BusinessWeek. “The wireless technology allowed the company to deliver broadband services in a cost-effective, decentralized manner in India where a majority of the country is not covered by wired infrastructure,” said Shankar Prasad, president of Tata Communications’ retail division.

Just think of all those nice Indian people surfing the net at high speed.

Bandwidth crisis here we come!

And Level 3 has IBM on its side!

(Footnote: Level 3’s network does not cover India)

One Response to “A Different Kind of Tata!”

  1. bronislaw Says:


    What a kick in the teeth!?!

    It’s down below $2 on news that the CFO is leaving.

    One would think that if the stock has been doing poorly and they are looking for new blood, that things should be getting better.

    No point in selling now…I can’t lose much more than I have.

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