“Preying” for a Bandwidth Crisis….

I admit it, I am a notoriously rotten investor.

When I’m buying, you should be selling and I when I sell, you should back up the truck.

As such, I like money markets, CD’s and the crevasses in the seat of my car, which hold amazing amounts of untold treasure.

However, once in a while I get on board with an idea and I run with it and as usual, I’m down huge.

What’s my investment? Level 3 Communications…(I won’t even tell you how much I’m down!)

I have been banking on a predicted bandwidth shortage that should be hitting the internet anyday now but not soon enough as far as I’m concerned!

I go to bed at night hoping that every teenager in America will get an iPhone and start downloading YouTube videos.

Needless to say I’ve been losing a lot of sleep lately.

However, reinvigorating my endless hope for a turnaround, a report was released by the Telecom Industry Association today that, even though it had an overall negative tone concerning the Telecom Industry, the second to last paragraph of the report offered me a glimmer of hope and I’m holding on!

With Web traffic for services such as Internet video soaring, the study found that in wired networks “current capacity will soon be unable to support bandwidth demand.”

Let’s hope it happens before I lose the entire investment!

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