Message in a Bloggle….


Posting a blog entry is much like putting a message in a bottle and setting it adrift…

You never know if it will be found and if it is found, by whom…

Now that I’ve been blogging for a while and enjoying the fact that I get a random email or two out of it, I was checking out my WordPress Blog Stats and I was fascinated by what I saw.

First of all, I’m not writing this bog to become popular; I gave up on trying to be popular years ago…

Nevertheless, one of my entries seems to get the most activity time and time again and I was intrigued by what it was.

Drum roll please!!!

It happens to be the entry entitled “It’s Texas Time”.

As it turns out, WordPress lets you see the search terms that bring people to your site and so I get to see what people are searching for that brings them to that entry.

The Texas entry gets found based upon terms such as “A picture of Texas” and “Texas Flag” as well as many others but nonetheless, they find my blog and I am given the chance to show off my wares.

It’s obviously the popularity of the great state of Texas that people want….not me. However, I’ll take the traffic any way that I can get it.


Not that I’m trying to be popular, but I think that I’m going to end each entry with a litany of words like Texas, Laser, Dog, Cotuit and so on and try to think of some other key words to put in there that might drive traffic.

I’m sure there are a few words that would get me noticed but it would probably be the FBI that takes an interest in me…

I’ll avoid doing that…

One Response to “Message in a Bloggle….”

  1. bronislaw Says:

    Apparently “Tata” turns out to be a popular search term….

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