Lumpy Limpy…

Lumpy Limpy… 

Our old boy, Gandalf, is starting to fall apart!

I too am falling apart, but those dog years really make a difference when you’re on the decline.

Besides having both of his ACLs operated on a few years back and having a periodic limp that comes around each time he tries to act like a puppy, he has now begun to grow lumps all over his body and in particular around the fleshy part of his neck.

Hence his newest nickname….Lumpy Limpy…

Gandalf is in great shape otherwise. His weight is spot on, his hearing is still exceptional and no sign of any cataracts, yet…

He’s still a killer though, which is how I think he might have hurt himself again.

Yesterday, as Kerry and I were looking for a new house to move into, daydreaming in other words, Gandalf was up to his old tricks barking and growling feverishly each time we passed a dog on the road.

At one point during our trip he spotted a German Shepherd sticking its head out of a car behind us and I think that he got a bit confused because the car, and the dog, followed us for a mile or two and didn’t seem the least bit deterred by any of his aggressive warnings.

He certainly loves a car ride though, which is demonstrated when he gets the slightest inkling that we might be contemplating taking him somewhere.

Honestly, he’s almost psychic about it.

God help us if we touch a leash or his travel bag!!! Just walking back and forth from the house to Kerry’s truck, which is our “Dog Truck”, puts a puzzled look on his face and he stares at you trying to read your every gesture.

Sam, who loves a car ride too, but who wants to sit in the drivers lap while he rides, gets noticeably upset when his brother goes on the offensive during a car ride which only makes him try to climb into the front seat even more.

So, even though Gandalf is turning into a lumpy bumpy three legged mess, I suspect that he still has a few more years in him, given his undying enthusiasm and determination to kill any dog that he sees and does not know….

When he gets like that, his other new nickname is Grumpy Lumpy…

One Response to “Lumpy Limpy…”

  1. Aunt Eileen Says:

    Please don’t pick on my favorite nephew, to know him is to love him. I happen to know he has great taste in girls since my Molly is his favorite girl in the world. Maybe the excitement about a car ride is the possibility that he might be coming to stay with Molly and me for a few days.

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