Life Is Too Short To Use Cheap Shaving Cream!

The Art of Shaving-Shaving Cream  

At the risk of sounding like a paid endorsement, I want to share with everyone an especially unique product.

Other bloggers like to tell us who to vote for, what’s going on in some far away place or about the high tech gizmos that catapult us into the next millennia and although we appreciate this information from all of them dearly, I think we need more!

This blogger, likes to share information about products that take us back in time, to when quality and comfort were in the forefronts of the minds of concerned people everywhere.

Here’s the rub…pardon the pun.

In today’s world of 89-cent Barbasol, men treat shaving more like killing weeds than like an opportunity to feel good and to smell nice. I think its time to change that perspective and for men to relish the few minutes of the day when they groom themselves into the more civilized creatures that our wives and girlfriends so desperately want us to be.

Why not make one of life’s little annoyances into one of life’s little pleasures?

It doesn’t need to hurt!

I stumbled upon this shaving cream while I was down at the Galleria Mall in Dallas Texas and since they had a particularly attractive sales woman working the counter; I easily fell into the trap and purchased a trial size.

Having tried many other brands including Jack Black, Molton Brown and virtually every possible supermarket variety, this shaving cream by The Art of Shaving is quite the step above.

I have now converted my father, my girlfriend’s father as well as the husband of an associate.

Perhaps you too would like to try?

In the words of my French friends…”Voila”

Next time I’ll let you know about my favorite Luffa Sponge.

Only kidding!

2 Responses to “Life Is Too Short To Use Cheap Shaving Cream!”

  1. Mark Says:

    Unique? Hardly. Truefitt & Hill and Crabtree & Evelyn also have excellent shaving creams and soaps, as good or better than AOS. There’s a whole sub-culture of shaving “aficionados” using the traditional products and methods (shaving brush, single-blade safety razor, etc.). Check out shavemyface(dot)com and badgerandblade(dot)com for an eye-opener.

  2. bronislaw Says:

    Thank you for this. I will be sure to try them.

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