Cotuit in Westfield?

The Cotuit Grocery by Robert Edward Kennedy

Picture by Robert Edward Kennedy

Fact is stranger than Fiction!

Last Saturday evening as my son and I were killing some time before going to the movies, we popped into a gallery in Westfield, New Jersey, that is a few doors down from the theater we were going to.

Looking at the artwork along the walls, lo and behold I see a picture by Robert Edward Kennedy of the COOP in Cotuit. It turns out that a local from Westfield had brought the picture in to be framed. OK, that’s pretty strange I thought, to see the COOP in my New Jersey hometown!

However, to make it particularly odd, I just purchased the exact picture for myself only weeks ago from Kennedy’s studio on the Cape as a Christmas present for my son.

But wait, it gets weirder.

After standing in amazement for a few moments, I asked the woman behind the counter just who was having the picture framed and she showed me the ticket.

Now, perhaps I am putting way too much into this, but the last name was the same last name of the girl that I dated from the Cape, whose family owns Crosby Yacht Yard in Osterville. Weird!

Then, just to make it better, the house number of the picuture’s owner turned out to be 727.

This is significant to me because my address growing up as a child was 727 Glen Avenue in Westfield and our Cotuit house was 72 Ocean View…. Weird!

By this time I’m a little freaked out to say the least, but it only gets better.

I called the woman today as I needed to share all of this with her for some reason. Feeling a little odd about calling someone I didn’t know to tell her this odd story, it turns out that we have even more in common than simply liking the same piece of art.

Her son is named John which is certainly a conincidence, but there are lots of Johns in the world.

However, when I gave her my full name, it turns out that she was a patient of my father’s.

At this point we are both freaked out.

We reminisced about Cotuit for a while and she told me that her son lives in Marston Mills and works at Bobby Burns in Mashpee Commons, one of my favorite places and a place I used to take the girl with the same last name.

Life is stranger than Fiction but I am now fully convinced that Cotuit is haunting me and I’m loving every minute of it.

If nothing else, perhaps I made a new friend that I can talk to about Cotuit.

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