It’s Texas Time!


Howdy Y’all!


I’m back in the “Big-D” where I once called home for a few years and where I love to visit as much as I can.


Although I have not had this blog for long, I have opined a number of times about the places I go; some with love and affection and some with abhorrent distain.


For me, Dallas falls far closer to the affable end of the spectrum, as it is a town with fancy cars, fancy women and a joie de vivre that is inspirational for me; particularly when New York’s carborundum relentlessly grinds me down.


Big restaurants, big stores, big houses and lately big storms, are all part of the Dallas way of life.


Besides being a darn big state, the people have a darn big outlook on life and all want tangible evidence that life can live up to their expectations.


When they say “Don’t mess with Texas” they mean it. How many states can you name where people fly their state flag with such pride?


I can’t think of any, other than Texas! 


I love it here.


A few days in Dallas and I want to conquer the world.


If it just wasn’t so darn hot and so darn far away from my son in New Jersey and my beloved Cotuit, I might just take up roots here.


However, I’ll be working down here quite a bit over the next few months so I’m sure I’ll get my fill.


As they in Texan. “Who-da thunk”!

2 Responses to “It’s Texas Time!”

  1. Paul Bevan Says:

    Hi John,
    Stumbled over your website as i surfed! Yes! It happens! Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the light hearted, but intriguing writing style you create. Easy to read and follow, whilst also being easy to picture the the image you set. I will no doubt return to savour further delights here, and wanted you to know your efforts have not gone unread.


  2. Jan Says:

    come home to Dallas John.
    Joe and I miss you!!!

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