Where Do Pelicans Live?


A few months back, when visiting some dear friends at their stunning new home in Stuart, Florida, we had another occasion to coin a phrase; a pejorative one of course.

As we sat sipping cocktails while sitting at a lovely waterfront bar during an afternoon sun shower, we all noticed how rather disgusting pelicans seemed to be relative to other birds, not that all birds are not somewhat disgusting.

While projecting these attributes onto certain people that we know, we collectively coined the phrase “Pelican” to politely allow us to talk about those people, without really talking about them.

So, if you ever hear people referring to pelicans in unusually human terms, I only hope they are not talking about you.

One Response to “Where Do Pelicans Live?”

  1. EJ Says:

    Geez. Hope my pelican tatoo wouldn’t make you judge me.

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