Thoughts of Cotuit

There is a small town on the bay,

That I can not call home for today.

A lifetime of memories she gave,

All carried away like a wave.

Back in her arms I will pray,

Just how and when I can’t say.

The way is familiar,

The road is clear,

But for reasons untold,

This isn’t the year.

If life’s harsh realities must keep me away,

My heart will endure and find a new way,

Back to her sandy shores,

In dreams,

In memories,

In the end.

One Response to “Thoughts of Cotuit”

  1. Mike Says:

    John – stop it right now!!

    I was focused on my work here in NJ as well, not giving a thought to the summer months and my folks house in Cotuit. And then, I checked your blog and am now set by melancholy thoughts.

    Summer can’t get here soon enough or the 2 week vacation that takes me back to the place that feels like home.

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