I need a trip to Cotuit

Cotuit Massachusetts in the wintertime is one of the most peaceful places I know. Besides being extremely quiet during the off season, the town seems to freeze itself in a sort of suspended animation until the next summer rolls around.

What I like most about the town during the winter is how I can walk down Main Street with the bay visible between the houses and recollect all of the events from summers gone by and like a blank canvas, the bay looks back at me asking me to imagine anything I want.  

Speeding across the bay on a windsurfer or a laser, digging clams on the bay side of Bluff Point, lounging in the warm water of Cupid’s Cove, my mind jumps from memory to memory pausing only long enough to soak in the fullness of the image before moving onto the next.

Without fail, the memories jump from those of childhood innocence to those of teenage rebellion as both the best of times and, what I thought at the time, were the worst of times, all seem to come to mind at once in a kaleidoscope of thoughts. Like the wonderful time sailing across the bay with my father in our new Sunfish the memory twists into the time that he grounded me for sneaking out to meet my friends at Loop Beach.

Although my family no longer owns a place in Cotuit, I feel as though the town is still a part of me and I a part of it.

I came across my family name on the Cotuit Skiff website www.cotuitskiff.org and although we sold Number 30 a long time ago and in fact I think she no longer exists, seeing our name associated with such a venerable institution that in this day of modern wonders espouses the virtues of a traditional local vessel, albeit a unique yet cantankerous skow, gives me a warm feeling inside, like the feeling I would get when smelling homemade clam chowder on an August afternoon in my mother’s kitchen.

I really need to visit Cotuit this winter.

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